Package for visualizing networks with a hierarchical component, such as those generated by cohesive blocking, k-core decomposition, or k-shell decomposition. The code implements the algorithm described in “Visualizing Hierarchical Social Networks”.

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Relational event network models (RENM) attempt to model the flow of events between actors in a network. These may take the form of radio calls between emergency responders, diplomatic actions between nations, or chats between members of a social network. These models stem from work by Butts.

The code here implements a maximum likelihood estimator for a RENM in Java, derived from the formulation by Brandes et al..

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R package relevent (CRAN)

Standalone software Visone

panopy is a workflow automation wrapper for pandoc.

panopy lets you offload any number of pandoc workflows into a global configuration file, letting you apply them to any file you create. Say you’ve got a complex way of making your pdfs look fancy. Write a workflow template called fancypdf, then call panopy fancypdf


Other people have other ways to hack around pandoc: